red roses sitting on death row

Roses Sitting on Death Row Roses Sitting on Death Row is a moderately cynical view about the custom of giving flowers.  People have probably been giving cut flowers to others since the beginning of time.  I doubt if Adam picked flowers for Eve from the Garden Of Eden.  Giving cut flowers to my wife was not usually a surprise since the act stemmed from either obligation or request. The life of cut flowers can be extended using several techniques.  Most stem ends can be seared in boiling water for ten thirty seconds to dramatically extend the life of cut flowers.  Lilacs require a minute althoughRead More →

Rednaxela Tried Not To Feel

Rednaxela Tried Not To Feel Rednaxela first made his debut in post Rednaxela The Dragon at and subsequently returned in Rednaxela Again Did Rise.  Rednaxela Did Rise Again poem provided details about what the battle that continued to rage.  Rednaxela Tried Not To Feel is the third poem that completes the story creating a trilogy about the infamous dragon. The Poem – Rednaxela Tried Not To Feel Rednaxela tried not to feel but in his heart a love did burn. What happened next did make him reel His one true love then did return. Details about that did not seem to be correct inRead More →

Rednaxela Again Did Rise

Rednaxela Again Did Rise Rednaxela Again Did Rise tells about the infamous Rednaxela dragon that returned to fight again after losing the battle in the first story entitled Rednaxela The Dragon.  The infamous dragon was not actually vanquished in the first poem. START OF POEM The dragon raised his regal head as flames erupted from below. Rednaxela had died they said but I knew that it was not so. Rednaxela again did rise to overcome his evil foes. The fame he knew was built on lies not what the poet did compose. The stories told of his demise were far from what the truth didRead More →

you traded all your love away

You Traded All Your Love Away – Poem Forget me now and save your kiss Love cannot melt a stony heart. You gave me nothing I will miss. It was extinguished at the start. You traded all your love away And lost the thing you valued most I did not have the heart to stay But may still haunt you as a ghost. Now through this all I do observe and see it so much differently. My love you then did not deserve and never will you get from me. I know that I can’t change a thing and wouldn’t even if I could. Apologies could neverRead More →