you traded all your love away

You Traded All Your Love Away – Poem Forget me now and save your kiss Love cannot melt a stony heart. You gave me nothing I will miss. It was extinguished at the start. You traded all your love away And lost the thing you valued most I did not have the heart to stay But may still haunt you as a ghost. Now through this all I do observe and see it so much differently. My love you then did not deserve and never will you get from me. I know that I can’t change a thing and wouldn’t even if I could. Apologies could neverRead More →

prove that you love me

A loving relationship can last a lifetime or inexplicably fade away.  Some relationships appear to go on as usual but harbor hidden resentment or hatred.  Partners in a relationship may falsely continue to claim their love long after it has been consumed and converted to dust. It may be better to hear the truth instead of the hollow sound of an untrue “I love you”. Unbalanced relationships may have a partner that still clings to the notion that love still stands a chance.  Some relationships are totally devoid of love and exist primarily for public show. Prove That You Love Me The following poem is best classified in the categories of loveRead More →